GALA Pro-line 5586S

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Gala Pro-line BV5586S "HANDSHAKE"

The ball is designed for indoor volleyball and has a distinctive and dynamic design. The name "HANDSHAKE" refers directly to the appearance of the ball - the red and blue panels "shake hands", which refers to sportsmanship and fair play in sport.

The colour and shape of the panels create an attractive visual effect during flight and rotation. Thanks to the 3-colour and expressive design, the ball is easily visible to players and the public.

Thanks to the ingenious construction, all 12 panels have the same shape, the weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the ball, thus maintaining its shape. The equal distribution of seams guarantees uniform flight and aerodynamic properties in all directions

and twists during the game.


  • By far the most teams (15) in the premier league play with this Gala volleyball
  • Intended for national competitions
  • Outer ball of innovative polyurethane leather with a dimple (golf ball) profile for more grip
  • Dynamic 12 panel design (EU registered)
  • Butyl bladder size 5, 260-280 grams and a circumference of 650 - 670 mm
  • Excellent flight characteristics and visibility
  • Nevobo approved

Unique in Belgium 2 year warranty! Free printing with the purchase of 30 or more balls.

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