Funtec Fun Sports Set

    Funtec Fun Sports Set
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Complete multisport set including fun volleyball courtlines. This is the Funtec Fun Sports Set, the mobile multisport net system with light steel net poles for holidays, leisure and in the garden.

The Fun Sports Set can be used for a whole range of sports - from beach volleyball to badminton. The easy height adjustment and the small net mesh of 4.5 cm make the set the perfect all-round outdoor set for all recreational athletes.

The three-piece steel net poles of the Fun Sports Set are powder-coated yellow and have five suspension points for different net heights. You can, for example, play beach volleyball, beach tennis, badminton or foot volleyball. Five net heights between 1.55 m and 2.43 m can be selected.

The light recreational net (8.5 m long) has small meshes of 4.5 cm and is surrounded by a net edge. The metal rings attached to the side are simply hooked onto the pole and the net system is quickly ready for use.

The net posts are tensioned with thick tensioning cords and pegs so that the system is secure and allows for a very good level of play. The tensioning cords are tightened with a practical wooden handle, it works intuitively and is extremely quick.

All materials are stored in a carrying bag, with backpack handles. The bag is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps for easy carrying.

This set also includes the playing field marking (8 x 16 m), which is made of 5 mm thick polypropylene rope. This can be rolled up on a practical reel and U-shaped steel ground anchors are included.

Special features:

lightweight steel net posts, powder coated

five suspension points for different net heights

including field marking/court lines

The set consists of:

  • 2 x net poles (each 3-pieces)
  • 1 x light leisure net, with small mesh, all-round net edge
  • 4 x screw hooks for fixing the net
  • 2 x plastic sheet (secure base for net poles)
  • 4 x thick tensioning cords with wooden handles
  • 4 x pegs
  • 1 x backpack/carry bag with adjustable straps
  • 1 x field marking (courtline)
  • 4 x U-shaped steel pegs

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