Master Attack

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The MASTER ATTACK is the new training tool for learning how to attack!
Most trainers agree that attacking is one of the most difficult learning skills in volleyball. The right approach, jump and arm technique requires precision and timing. For the coaches, it is a big challenge to get these elements right together with the player.
Volleyball coaches know that attacking skills are not developed overnight, therefore a player must develop the right technique through many years of experience and coaching to maximise impact potential. The Master Attack speeds up this process and provides the attacker with constant training conditions. The ball hanging at the right height works on the player's imagination and allows him to coordinate the jump as well as the impact of the smash on the ball.
The Master Attack is by far the best product of its kind because it has an innovative "ball loading" system. When one ball is hit, the other is automatically loaded for the next stroke. The basket is used to load balls onto the rails. In this way you can aaval 8 balls in a row.
The height of the installation can vary from 170 cm to 320 cm (measured from the ground to the top of the ball).
Beginners can concentrate on the technique with a stable ball, while experienced volleyball players can refine the impact angle with their jump and power.
Master Attack simplifies the trainer's task by providing a consistent training objective; it gives the trainer the freedom to concentrate on the fundamentals of attack and correct any errors.

  • Specification:
    • The complete system is made of powder-coated and galvanised steel
    • Stable base for functional safety
    • Height indicator and adjustable handle make it easy for players to set and monitor their vertical jump progress
    • Dismountable, making storage, loading and transport easy
    • Master Attack ball grippers are made of thick, strong compressed foam with contoured shapes for the best ball grip.

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